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Dr. Farrier is offering everyone a free 5 minute consultation at our clinic! Give us a call and ask any questions you have regarding your condition and how stem cells may be the best option for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get stem cells?
A: Quite simply – yes. Dr. Steenblock specializes in the only legal form of stem cell therapy available in the United Stated of America – the Stem Cell Rich Bone Marrow transplant.

Q: How much does it cost to see Dr. Steenblock? the appointment with him? the therapies? the supplements/medicine?
A: Cost is approximately $300.00 for the initial consultation which is then applied to the cost of any therapies you have at the clinic. Treatments depend upon what Dr. Steenblock prescribes. All treatments are individualized for each patient. Therapies available include: Stem Cell Rich Bone Marrow Therapy, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell consultations, Hyperbaric oxygen, EDTA, DMPS, Desferal, Pulsed Electromagnetics, Hyperthermia, EECP (Enhanced External Counter pulsation), IV Vitamins, Vitamin C, Albumin, Amino Acids, Human Growth Hormones, Ondamed, Pulsed Electronic Stimulation, and Intermittent High Altitude.

Q: Can I bring along a spouse or caregiver?
A: We encourage the patient to bring a family member with them. The healing process is better when they have someone to support them.

Q: How much success has Dr. Steenblock had with these problems?
A: We note that 95% of our patients see progress if they follow the doctor's instructions and do the reccomended therapies.

Q: What specific problems are treated at the clinic?
A: Click here for a comprehensive list of treatable conditions. We treat very unusual and difficult cases. In fact, most of our patients were told there is nothing more that could be done to help them. The clinic is a regeneration and rehabilitation clinic specializing in every disorder, debilitation, and injury that stem cells can help. The tools Dr. Steenblock uses are for the purpose of regeneration and healing where "orthodox" methods typically do not, cannot, or have not.

Q: If I'm from out of town, where can I stay during my time with Dr. Steenblock?
A: The local hotels we recommend are:

(949) 598-9105
3 South Pointe Dr.,
Lake Forest, California 92630
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The Hills
(800) 282-1789
(949) 586-5000
(949) 581-7410
(949) 457-0610
25205 La Paz Rd
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Fairfield Inn
26328 Oso Pkwy,
Mission Viejo, CA
(949) 582-7100

Q: When I return home or to my own doctor, how can my own doctor typically follow up with me?
A: Since the administration of stem cells requires specialized knowledge and technique, your local physician should be part of the process. This is called "co-management". You should ask your physician to participate in the process of getting your body ready for receiving and growing your new stem cells by giving him/her a co-management form signed by yourself. Since the standard bone marrow stem cell procedure is $4,000.00, you should pay your doctor 20% of this cost ($800.00). If you do this, your charges for the bone marrow stem cell procedure are reduced to $3,200.00 and your doctor is now employed by you to work with Dr. Steenblock to optimize your treatments.

Q: When I'm there (from out of town) how do patients take care of transportation and meals?
A: Most patients rent cars or use their hotel shuttle. Most also pack lunches to bring to the clinic to have while undergoing their therapies.

Q: Where exactly is the Clinic?
A: The clinic is located in Mission Viejo, California, which is approximately half way up the coast between San Diego and Los Angeles. We are approximately 5 miles from the ocean. Click this link to access map & location.

Q: What would a typical schedule be for me if I came for treatment?
A: Initially, you should get a copy of our co-management agreement, fill it out and give your physician $800.00 for him/her to participate in your care before and after you receive stem cells. Your physician will then conduct the examinations, tests, and therapies you should have before travelling to have your stem cells. The money you pay your physician is to have him/her send us your records and to consult with our doctors in terms of what further tests, treatments, or other services we recommend for you and your conditions.

Q: How much time ahead of coming to the Clinic do I need to make the appointment?
A: Two weeks is best. For older adults with complicated medical problems, you should be evaluated by your physician carefully at least one month prior to coming for therapy since you may have any number of conditions that could interfere with having a successful treatment.

Q: Will my insurance cover my treatment?
A: Our stem cell therapies are not paid for by insurance companies since they are very new and not offered by any large group of physicians. As the number of physicians giving stem cell therapies grows, insurance companies will begin to pay for them.

Q:How many doctors work at the clinic in Mission Viejo, CA? How many at the clinic in Mexico?
A: We have one physician working in Mission Viejo, CA and four working at our clinic in Mexico.

Q: Will I be taken off my medications?
A: This is something that will be decided by the doctors. Typically, if the medication is helping you, you will not be taken off. If a medication is hindering your healing or hurting you, you would be taken off if possible.

Q: What do I need to bring with me?
A: Comfortable clothes. Bring any recent tests you've had done (within the last 6 months). Bring a cell phone to communicate with your companion and us but please keep it on silent while consulting with the doctor. You may also need to rent a car. Click this link to access Expedia's website devoted to car rentals in L.A. and southern California.

Q: How is Dr. Steenblock and his methods different from my own physician?
A: Typically Doctor Steenblock delves far more deeply into diagnosing your condition than other doctors. Also Dr. Steenblock specializes in Personalized Regenerative Medicine, which is the multi-step process of healing specifically tailored to the individual. Aged, diseased or damaged tissues are cleansed of cellular debris, toxins and other harmful agents. With these impediments to good health minimized, state-of-the-art natural healing treatments such as nutrients, adaptive therapies, growth factors, umbilical cord stem cells and tissue transplants are applied to maintain or restore the individual's health. By using a co-management agreement with your local doctor, your doctor can take advantage of Dr. Steenblock’s wealth of knowledge to help you get a better result.

Q: I'm basically healthy. What if I want to have Dr. Steenblock be my preventive doctor?

A: Dr. Steenblock specializes in stem cell therapies and prefers that your local physician be worked with in regard to preventative services.

Q: Are there any any pre- and post- whole bone marrow transplant guidelines available?

A: Yes, indeed! Click this link.

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