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Patient Testimonials

J.B. - Congestive Heart Failure
J.B. suffered from congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, lung infection, shortness of breath, wheezing, gout, and arthritis in his knees. Because of the arthritic pain, J.B. could not run or walk like he used to do. J.B. had an autologous bone marrow transplant performed. Throughout the week following the procedure, he said that pain had gone and he felt an increase of energy, enough to resume his walking schedule. Within two months, his heart function was improving (his cardiac ejection fraction had increased from 24% to 49%). He states that he rarely experiences shortness of breath now and that his breathing is much better.

M.A. - Dementia
M.A. was brought to my clinic for dementia. She had difficulty remembering, communicating and only able to say one or two words at a time. After her bone marrow transplants, her family reported that she looked better, had more energy and was able to speak in full sentences. Her daughter was very thankful that she was getting her mother back again.

P.B. - Heart Arrhythmia
P.B. had been experiencing severe arrhythmias that were occurring several times a week. Two months after her bone marrow transplant, P.B. reported with great enthusiasm and gratitude that there had only been one arrhythmia incidence during the entire month of June. P.B. has been referring her friends to the clinic ever since.

P.C. - Pancreatic Cyst
P.C. came to us with concerns about a pancreatic cyst and intestinal pressure following colon surgery. He had a bone marrow transplant and reports "significant" improvement in his health. Within 24 hours the pressure in his gut was gone. He says he felt "unbelievable" like he was 20 years old again. A month later, he had a second treatment. On the next CT scan of his pancreas, the cyst was no longer visible.

T.F. - Parkinson's Disease
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease. A few weeks later, I had the bone marrow transplant. It's a relatively painless procedure that had me up and walking the same day. My life is better. I've been able to control my sleep patterns, increase my lung capacity, have more energy, and most importantly, have the mental clarity to function day to day without being overwhelmed by anxiety - a prevalent symptom of Parkinson's. If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, there is hope, don't give up. I won't and neither will the good doctor ever give up on finding solutions for the tough problems that we bring him.

C.M. - Stroke
C.M. is a professional pianist. He had a stroke and a week later, he came to our clinic. His right hand was paralyzed. He was frequently losing his balance. His speech was slurred and he had diabetes and end stage renal failure. After his first bone marrow transplant, his legs were stronger. He reported having more energy and there was less tendency to fall. After his second treatment, his speech began to improve. By July, C.M. was mowing the lawn, his blood pressure was normalized and he was playing the piano again. By August, he was beginning to urinate again and his fingers continued to move easier as he practiced day after day to regain what had been lost.

E.C. - Multiple Sclerosis
Just wanted to let you know that as of 02/04/10 it will be a 1 1/2 years since I received my umbilical cord stem cell treatment for MS and I've got my life back!! My only residual symptom has been a limp. I can feel my hands again after over 15 years, I can walk without having to hold onto my son's baby carriage, I have not had any vision issues, and too many other improvements to list!! Hope this gets legalized soon here in the states!! I keep telling my hubby that if I ever require a booster I'd still like to go back to San Diego to have it done even if it was legal in MA by then!!

K.D. - Traumatic Brain Injury
K.D. was in a car accident over five years ago and has since been paralyzed. He has had two umbilical cord stem cell treatments from Dr. Ramirez so far. This is his latest report. I'm now down to 110 micro-grams/day of baclofen and my breathing has returned to normal! I'm not taking a breath directly after the other like I had been doing since the accident. I can now take a breath pause for a sec or 2 then take another. I also sat unassisted for 3min. My saliva glands are beginning to work. I never wake up with dry, cracked lips anymore. I need to come back for another treatment.

F.M. - Stroke
F.M. was in a coma for seven weeks following a stroke. Before the treatment with Dr. Ramirez, F.M. was wheelchair bound. He required a tracheotomy for respiration and a G-tube for nutrition. There was little movement in his arms and legs and he had challenges with short term memory. Four months after his treatment, the trach was removed and he is able to eat solid foods again. There has also been improvement in his motor control and cognition. He can move his legs back and forth and turn his head. F.M. is more attentive and interested in what is going on. He can also voice his needs more.

B.A. - Stroke
We were very grateful to you all and those at the Mission Viejo clinic for your kindness while we were with you and the positive support and encouragement we received. We have seen subtle changes and our physical therapist has been very thrilled with the changes she has seen in B.A.'s body resulting from the treatment. Her brain has been "fired up" and she has made a big step up in response to the treatment she is receiving with her brain functioning better. She is much brighter, laughs more, jokes around and is more aware of things around her. She has also began to actively read more. She is speaking as well as she was before the stroke. She was able to explain to her physical therapist that her blurred vision was like a grid across her eyes. She was not able to discern like this before her stem cell treatment. Her left eye on the impaired side looks normal and her eyes coordinate perfectly. She can even wink and move eyes independently. Her left ankle and knee joints rotate together as do the elbow and wrists of her left arm. She can now flatten her left foot and bend her knee inwards so this happens and is practicing walking without a splint sideways and forwards and backwards. Her vision has improved as well as her wooziness. Her therapist is hopeful she will walk without a splint and have her hands and fingers functioning by the end of the year!

D.B. - Cerebral Palsy
DB was severely underweight. Since her stem cell treatment, she has been gaining enough weight to now be in the normal range for her age and height. She is opening her hands more and able to play with the toys and turn pages. Her head and trunk control are much better and she can sit on her own now. She is more aware of the world around her and participates more with friends and family. Her story was on Channel 9 news and can be seen at

J.W. - Spinal Cord Injury
J.W. was in a car accident in the Summer of 2007. His T3 vertebra was severely crushed, resulting in paralysis. In the Spring of 2008, J.W. underwent a transplant in Mexico under the direction of Dr. Fernando Ramirez. J.W. received four vials (6 million stem cells) of umbilical cord derived stem cells. Within four months, the nerve pain was gone from his arms and neck and he was able to move his legs. His side muscles were also strong enough by then to support his walking with braces. J.W. reports that he has also been able to gain back his bowel and bladder control. He has also regained sensation in his lower body.

C.S. - Cerebral Palsy
Dr. Ramirez often treats severe cases of cerebral palsy. C.S. is one of these children. With about 40% of his brain damaged, the physicians were doubtful if C.S. would respond to the treatment. The parents wanted to try anyway. This was their last hope. A catheter procedure was done so that the cord stem cells could be placed directly in the damaged area of the brain. Within two months, the seizures had significantly decreased. C.S. is now stronger, more alert and he is talking more.

T.K. - Genetic Disorder
Dr. Ramirez has treated several cases of genetic disorders with human umbilical cord stem cells. T.K. is the latest and most dramatic case. T.K. is a two year old who was diagnosed with William's Syndrome. This syndrome involves a chromosome 4 inversion that causes severe atherosclerosis and early death. T.K. had severe blood vessel blockage to her heart and was given two to six months to live. Could stem cells help? The parents wanted to find out. Dr. Steenblock prescribed pomegranate powder to help reduce the atherosclerosis and a couple of weeks later, Dr. Ramirez administered 1.5 million stem and progenitor cells to her. Within a week, her skin color had improved. Within three months, her veins and most of her arteries were normal. Her blood vessels had also grown, which her physician did not expect. By the time she had another check up, her systolic blood pressure, which had previously been over 200 mmHg, was down to normal. T.K. was now strong enough to undergo surgery to repair some remaining stenosis in her heart valves. With increased vitality, T.K. was also beginning to walk and talk for the first time in her life.

P.Y. - Hypertension
Within the first 24 hours after P.Y.'s first treatment she started walking she was also able to drink liquids without being thickened. After a couple of days her skin color looked better. At her first doctors appointment in Arkansas her blood pressure was normal (previously 200 and above). 6 months after her treatment she had a CT scan done of her heart. Her doctors told us that all of her veins and arteries except for the aorta and coronary were normal. They said her veins have grown which was not supposed to happen. She also became more verbal and is now saying small phrases. And her energy level is a lot higher.

K.B. - Stem cell procedure
I just wanted to thank you for making my experience with the stem cell procedure so smooth and easy. I was so nervous until wonderful Gina made me feel so comfortable. Then when doctor came in and was so light and funny, I really relaxed and felt very good about how every thing went. You have such a good thing going there and are helping so many people. I feel so fortunate to have found you!

E.S. - Obesity
Dear Dr. Steenblock, I want to thank you so much for getting us on the road to good health. Everyone is impressed with our weight loss, our outlook, and our energy. But they can't know how great we feel! I've known we're in a lot better health and condition than the day we walked into your office on February 8, 1994. We are having monthly follow up chelations as you recommended with Dr. Robert Snider, Massena, NY. We located him (as we did you) through the ACAM directory. Both of us have our usual annual physical scheduled in October with our family doctor in Georgia. Bob has written to him about our chelation and new nutritional lifestyle, and has sent him copies of pre and post test results. We think Dr. Hayes is quite competent, intelligent, and open to alternatives. We'll see, won't we? Meanwhile we are going forth with the message, as you suggested. Nearly everyone responds positively and asks for more information. One of our friends, a farmer cosmetic surgeon, is most receptive and interested, particulary in studying alternatives such as acupuncture and nutrition. I've considered ourselves most fortunate to have chosen your clinic (we had contacted both Julian Whittaker and Richard Casdorph), primarily because of the specialties you listed in the ACAM directory and because of the impression made by your wife in explaining your program to us when we called. Your diagnostic program confirmed the quality we were expecting, and your testing and consultation after each 5 chelations gave incentive and confidence. You have an excellent staff. Alyce did an excellent job with our finances. I recovered over 90% of my pre testing and 100% of the past from my private insurance. Although we weren't inovolved with HBO, I go tot know and appreciate Kevork.

B.H. - Stroke
Dr. Steenblock and staff, Thank you all so much for your support and caring during our stay. We met so many wonderful people here. It made B.H.'s life so much easier. Thanks again for everything!

R.S. - Aging
From the day we arrived we felt completely at home here - thanks to a terrific staff who are not only very skilled in what they do, but certainly know how to give a lot of TLC! We wish so much we could manage to stay longer. Yet in just 4 weeks Ray is showing improvement. He definitely has more energy. He is sleeping much less and no longer needs his two hour daily nap. His memory and vision have improved some and he seems to have a more positive attitude than he did 4 weeks ago. We're very impressed with Dr. Steenblock's vast knowledge and his attention to detail. He goes that "extra mile" that you don't find in most doctor's today! We're so glad we came! We will certainly tell everyone we know about out time here. Our hearfelt thanks to everyone!

S.L. - Traumatic Brain Injury
Dear Dr. Steenblock, I want to give you an update on S.L.'s progress since he left your center three weeks ago on August 24. We have been very pleased with the progress S.L. is making. As you know I came to you with three main goals. For S.L. to stop throwing up, for him to stop seeing double, and for his dizziness to go away. I felt that all of these were caused by a malfunction in his brain. As you are well aware, the last two goals were achieved about half way through the program, but the throwing up continued on throughout the program. I had heard that the oxygenation process would continue for some time after the treatments were stopped. This appears to be true, for S.L. has not thrown up now for three weeks. God bless you and your HBO treatments. Not only did we reach my original three goals, but S.L. is more alert, is talking better, and initiating conversations, and reacts to commands more quickly. His doctor has seen the improvement. She knew we were going to see you, but was skeptical because 15 of her patients did some type of HBO and all had no improvement. I believe that your program is a combination that works, and would recommend it to anyone with a brain injury. His arm and leg movements have continued to improve even though we have not yet started PT etc. God bless, and thank you for being there.

K.R. - Traumatic Brain Injury
If I would have only known that Dr. David Steenblock and his office existed, I would have insisted that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that was spent at the LTC facilities/rehab centers, would be spent on treatment at Dr. Steenblock's office, for the healing of TBI injuries, instead of the maintenance which my husband received until we came here.

C.H. - Trauma
This is a long overdue thank you letter for the care you gave my husband June, 2000. You are an awesome doctor, you cared, you researched, you stayed late, you did everything you could to make my husband better. You understood his needs and you cared more than any other doctor. C.H. made some very significant improvements:

- He gained feeling to his body that he had not had since the accident. He could feel it when you touched his feet. His feeling had been very limited before.
- No delay in his movements and he regained his ability to move. Before when he followed a command there would always be a pause as he figured out which muscles to move and got the signal down his nerves for the muscle to move. Though his body was very weak, when he followed a command, that delay was gone.
- He regained his hearing.
- He was able to use a urinal. (about every two hours during the day)
- X-rays showed his hip was healing nicely. Dr. C who specializes in hip replacement surgery had said this was the worst break he had seen.
- Jaw spasms stopped. I wish we had come sooner! Thanks for all you did for us. I appreciate also your quickness to praise the Lord for any progress.

Please tell all the staff we appreciate them and regard them as friends. We loved our days in California- even though it was tough. Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, La Jolla's all so beautiful, especially with all the paved trails along the creeks and through the neighborhoods where I could take the wheelchair.

We had always planned to come back but the summer heat tired C.H., he lost his strength fast and his heart weakened and his lungs were filling with fluid. He died Oct. 29,2000. We both tried our best. I miss him but I also feel very satisfied and thankful for the extra two years we had together.

F.R. - Macular Degeneration
At age 82 I experienced a stroke which led me to the door of Dr. David Steenblock's Office in Mission Viejo, California, for 20 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. The stroke actually occurred in December of 1996 after several months of depression. There results were exceptionally successful.

However, I wish to briefly discuss an unexpected fringe or cross over benefit I received which deals with a macular degeneration condition of my left eye which I carried for 73 years. A 12%-15% improvement proved welcome but puzzling after my 20 HBO treatments. However, I was grateful. I realized this event about a week after my treatments. I later casually mentioned this to Dr. Steenblock. He raised his eyebrows and was somewhat puzzled.

Dr. A.W., an Australian eye surgeon, made me aware of this condition many years ago. After examining my eyes in preparation for a new pair of glasses, he asked if I was ever struck on my left eye by a blow. Yes, of course, I said, when I was about 9 years old. I was boxing with an older brother while we were testing a new pair of boxing gloves given to us. More than 70 years later, I can still see a huge flurry of stars as a pigskin glove landed squarely on my left eye. I never associated my visual problem with that incident until Dr. W. popped the question. The result was that the lumpy feeling behind my left eye disappeared: The pitch black circular center of my left eye is now an opaque or powdery grey. There also appeared to be a slight fragmentation at the base of the center most part of this eye. I often wondered if additional HBO treatments would improve this condition further. I am flirting with this idea. This unexpected fringe benefit is warmly welcomed.

Mentally I am on cloud 9. Clarity of mind and the extended efficiency of my thinking processes is an exhilarating experience. Despite my age, I continue to spend about 45 minutes with my daily exercising ritual. I bless the good Lord every 24 hours.

After my very successful 20 treatments for stroke in 1997, I decided to go back to this very same clinic in Mission Viejo for maintanence- 18 additional treatments for stroke. About 5 days I fulfilled my reservation for an HBO chamber for 18 sittings, another strange visual experience occurs. This time a more dramatic and significant change in my left eye snaps to my attention. Holy Cow! I see an improvement of about 60%-65%! The former circular black ball in the center of my left eye is now replaced with a soft semitransparent film of light beige. Superimposed in dead center of my eye is a narrow and slightly darker perpendicular stipe also in beige. Excitement catapulted when I peered closely in to my bathroom mirror while wearing my glasses and saw my eyeball for the first time in 73 years! I saw the entire eye starring at me in disbelief. Quite a thrilling experience. I could do nothing but repeatedly thank the good Lord. I have become euphoric. Will additional HBO therapy bring my eye back to its original state? What will they say at the Department of Motor Vehicles when I take my next eye test or is this too premature? Next time I encounter Dr.Steenblock, I will present him with the most expensive cigar I can find. Life can be beautiful! Amen!

D.K. - Aging
At 86 years and very active I must share my thoughts on some of the reasons for my good health. On July 17th I completed 35 one hour treatments of ECP - my observations are as follows.

-My blood pressure is down an average of 20 points, although I must continue using accupril and lopressor.
-My heart beat is very rarely irregular- before treatments I missed 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 regularly.
-By machine records my flow improved from low 60's to upper 90's. Before treatment my shortness of breath was very pronounced- now I walk and dance regularly and I sleep better than before ECP.
-Prior to ECP I seldom voided more 4-6 oz. from my bladder and the pressure on my bladder was very high- Now I relieve my self less than 1/3 oz. before and void 12-16 oz.

Comparing others of my age to myself I find I out perform physically in anything we do.

J.Z. - Stroke
I came to this clinic hopeful of a miracle. That did not happen. What I got was outstanding medical treatment for my stroke. That treatment has enabled me to increase my body strength by 300% and has greatly enhanced my ability to begin walking. The treatment has also reinforced my confidence to accept my stroke as a fact of life and to go out into the public forum once again.

I am most thankful that a treatment program specifically designed for stroke victims is available. It is shameful that a program like Dr. Steenblock's is not readily available within the medical community of the United States.

I await the passing of time with the fervent hope that the stem cell therapy of Dr. Ramirez will have a dramatic impact on my body and my life. The staff of the clinic has been great in providing the help and support so necessary for my recovery. A special thanks is extended to each and every individual involved in my treatment.

L.C. - Cerbral Palsy
Hello Dr. Steenblock, Dr. Lacroix and George

I have some amazing news about L.C.. On July 12th we took her to her eye specialist, he ran several test including a prevoked potential eye test and L.C. has 95% functional vision in her right eye! She started at less than 18% prior to the stem cell treatments we did in May. Also L.C.'s brain is responding to the signal from a 5-15 second time frame. L.C. prior to stem cells was diagnosed as visually blind, now she can see us and the wonderful world around her. She did have some minor improvements in her left eye but still the signal is not connecting. On July 22nd we met with our physical therapist and she noted that L.C. has stronger trunk control, better head control and is using both her hands now. Also the degree of motion in her legs has improved from 125o to 138o so that is all exciting to us. We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope that one day your research will be approved in the United States as the miracle it is.

God Bless!!

M.K. and J.K.
An update on M.K. and J.K.:

Both our boys underwent both Adult and Umbilical Cord stem cells, we have seen improvement in both boys. M.K. has cut his insulin useage in half, and feels a little stronger in his muscle groups. J.K. has a whole new look about him, he makes eye contact with us now moves his arms and legs more then he ever has in the past and is trying to talk everyday. Thank you Dr. Steenblock and thank you to all your staff for the help you have given us in our journey to get our boys back to good health. We our planning to make another trip to southern California for more Stem Cell treatments in the near future!

L.B. - Diminished sight
Your clinic called today to ask how L.B. is doing. Thank you very much! We love the phone calls.

L.B.'s vision continues to improve. He can see more clearly. than after the first stem cell transplant. He has better contrast that allows him to read lettering that is med. blue on light blue background. At night while riding in the car, he can see a car coming at a distance and as it approaches, he can see the car as it moves closer and closer. Before, he would lose sight of the car in the "drusen areas" where his vision was blocked and pick the car back up again in his peripheral vision. He can read smaller print and can read the newsprint again. Before he had to quit reading the newspaper because the paper was gray and the print ink was gray. There was not enough contrast between the "grays " for him to see the lettering. He can read all of the letter sizes on the Amsler grid. He can see 10 letter words with his right eye and 4-5 letter words with his left eye. When he looks out at a distance, he can see the deer and birds at 150 yards. He can"t tell what kind of bird it is unless he recognizes the shape. He moves around much better because he can see better. He can see things on our kitchen countertop. Our top is granite look alike. Before any stem cell treatment, he couldn't see many items on the counter because there wasn't enough contrast between the object on the counter and the countertop.His focal point has improved. Before, he would reach for things on the table and miss the target by about an inch. That is not happening at all now. He met with a new opthmologist yesterday. His vision tested at 20/400 in his left eye and 20/200 in the right. At his previous opthmologist, in May his vision was 20/200 left and 20/80 right. In September, 10 days after the first sten cell transplant, the same opthomologist's report was 20/80 left and 20/40 right. The Snellen chart yesterday that he was trying to see was terribley dim lit. I have good vision and thought it was VERY dim. L.B. couldn't see the letters. At home we have a Snellen eye chart. And at 20 feet, L.B. can read the 20/70 line with his left eye and 20/40 line with his right eye without glasses.

Thanks for all you do for us.
love G

Pete - Parkinson's Disease

"... We believe the treatments helped. Pete is shaking a lot less, and he does not have feet dystonias like he did every day for years, each lasting for an hour or so. That is when his feet curl up, hard as a rock, and hurt so much, a seizure of sort... apparently typical of Parkinson's. No massage and nothing else we tried helps while it's happening. We just have to wait it out till it goes away. Two days ago, he had a small seizure for half an hour, the first in over a month! ..."

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